22 Mar 2015

Special feature: What is palm oil waste?

A longer article with photos. I am inserting a old blog post of mine just as an example.
Palm oil waste washes up in tiny to large pieces everywhere at Pasir Ris, and are seen floating among the fish farms as well.

The long blue 'security barrier' managed by the Police Coast Guard eventually gets encrusted with mussels and other marine life. These are regularly scrapped off. The floating structure next to the barrier is probably used for this activity. The marine life is just dumped into the water where they rot.
The land beyond the shore appears to belong to Mindef. Does Mindef ensure there is no illegal dumping from the landward side?
On the shore, this appears to be a packet of military issued food?
There is a great deal of litter on the low water mark even within the Park proper as cleaners have lots to do just cleaning the high water line.
This photo shows some of the other activities that impact water quality at Pasir Ris. A series of large industrial pipes that possibly suck in as well as drain out water onto the shore. In the distance, massive coastal works next to Lorong Halus Jetty (I was told the work was to construct a jetty for the Commandos). Way in the hazy distance, Pasir Gudang Port in Johor.
One of the pipes is leaking spectacularly and has been doing so for years. These apparently lead to fish farms on land, which were also affected during the recent mass fish deaths. More about these mysterious pipes in this old post.
These are just a few of the great many activities going on in Singapore that can affect the marine ecosystems in the East Johor Strait.

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